About us

Our philosophy

By professional cultivating of each child's strengths we help him/her to become a happy person.

Each child has a different nature, different skills, interests and a way of communicating. This individual uniqueness we dicover through careful monitoring, and according to the child's habits, the rhythm of life, character traits we select and apply best suited teaching methods.Thus, we do not destroy or form, but encourage the child's natural curiosity, exploration of environment and active participation in children's team activities. This road leads to the essence of our philosophy: we help the child to become a happy person.

Our purpose

To help caring parents educate children properly.

Ideally, parents can properly and consistently take care of their children. Therefore, they must spend full time with their children, be interested in modern pedagogy, child development psychology, be directly involved in the educational process. If you are one of those lucky ones, congratulations. Others need to be helped and we can do it, as our goal is to take on this responsibility and act professionally in favor of the child and the parents by creating proper conditions to provide meaning to childhood by exploring the surrounding environment, society, the global range and ,therefore, develop strong physical, artistic, social, communication and cognitive competencies.


Childhood is the most important period in the formation of personality, influencing the whole life. Therefore, we have created an international practice and our experience-based education program „Šilagėlės vaikai", in order to have a happy childhood that makes more sense, and purposefully help a little person to develop into a mature personality.

Key phases of educational methodology„Šilagėlės vaikai":
1. The child's adaptation and behavioral observation.
2. Recognition of strengths, interests,and inclinations.
3. Adaptation of educational methods to the child.
4. Correction of educational methods.
5. Feedback to parents.

Main methods of implementation:
• Integrated activities involving creativity, physical activity, communication skills, attention, concentration, orientation in space that engage to explore the environment;
• Constant acquaintance with local culture, history, traditions and customs;
• Daily activities constanty include sightseeing, educational, experimental and artistic activities;
• Kindergarten employs a psychologist who takes care of children's mental health, advices on child development, emotional, behavioral, educational (problems) issues. Evaluates the maturity of the child to learn by early childhood and pre-school education programs.


A properly formed and constantly developing skills of our staff is a guarantee of implementations of our promise to you.

Throughout team selection carried out by ourselves, based on the recommendations and our own selection system principles that evaluate the professional, psychological and emotional intelligence, empathy, dedication and love for children, we choose our employees. Later, staff constantly dedicate their time for professional development: are involved and interested in the latest global research, look for innovative ideas and methodologies of education, organize workshops for sharing ," best practices ". Professional qualifications are achieved by active participation in the ongoing international conferences, seminars, workshops and training. Such careful performance with our own staff results in perfect feeling and education of each child attending our kindergarten.


Kindergarten location must be convenient for parents, the environment fully encourages the child's educational process, the space should help kindergarten teachers better educate children.

In the kindergarten environment there are no insignificant things, so every detail is being improved year by year. It, therefore, methodically helps everyone involved in education and not only children, but also kindergarten teachers and parents. The environment we have created encourages children to explore, be active and creative.
• All kindergarten courtyards are equipped with closed playgrounds, that encourage communication and physical activity;
• Functionality of material and comfort environment is guaranteed by the highest quality furniture, toys, books and other educational material;
• Groups use different spaces to promote order and the accumulation of experience. Game, educational, recreational, entertainment zones ensure a better understanding of the environment;
• For discovery of the world we not only use standard tools but constantly update small libraries, also technical equipment , that is projectors, computers, slides, etc ..


The way you get used to eating in childhood, the way you will eat for a lifetime.

In catering we set ourselves two objectives: 1) children eat fresh, healthy, wholesome and quality food, 2) they develop skills of proper culture of feeding, and eating habits, quantity (how much to eat), time (when to eat) and process ( how to eat).
In order to meet the first objective, we work only with certified food suppliers, we check that four times per day supplied food is healthy, balanced and meets the hygiene requirements, as well as food standard approved both by dietician and the public health center.
By promoting eating culture before meals children daily listen to a short story about the correct eating habits and we demonstrate proper nutrition behavior practically.

Cooperation with Parents

„Šilagėlės children" that is how we call your children when they visit our kindergarten. This means that in order to get into our kindergarten, you have to agree that in order to act for the child's well-being, we will work hand in hand.

Regular parents and staff cooperation shall be implemented through:
• Full information about kindergarten activities - menu, children's educational process, your child's achievements - the provision for parents and additional knowledge about the child's behavior , and the need for the information to the kindergarten provided by parents;
• Our parents have the opportunity to use Kindervibe gadget and receive all the news on your phone or tablet and have daily awareness of child‘s day achievements and ongoing activities;
• At the end of the school year, parents receive a detailed description of the child's performance evaluation with recommendations prepared by the kindergarten teachers and a psychologist;
• The parents can set specific goals for their child's education, which, if confirmed by a teacher is included in the child's educational program.

Additional activities 

For parents convenience kindergarden provides services of a speech therapist and a psychologist, extra-curricular activities.

Kindergartens offer these additional activities and clubs:
Classes are held individually and in small groups.
Work out under a special procedure. Increasing physical activity, promotion of healthy lifestyles.
During the training, kinesthetic physical abilities are developed: endurance, coordination, balancing, movement plastic, speed. Children will learn how to create vivid characters, realize them on stage and try out different emotional states.
Fundaments of creative thinking, communication skills, motor skills, patience, concentration, provide information on the craft and technology.
Learning to calculate, analyze, develop imagination, determination, and encourages responsibility. This game is an intellectual sport that perfectly brings together children and their parents and grandparents, because it can be played at any age.