Childhood is the most important period in the formation of personality, influencing the whole life. Therefore, we have created an international practice and our experience-based education program „Šilagėlės vaikai", in order to have a happy childhood that makes more sense, and purposefully help a little person to develop into a mature personality.
Key phases of educational methodology„Šilagėlės vaikai":
1. The child's adaptation and behavioral observation.
2. Recognition of strengths, interests,and inclinations.
3. Adaptation of educational methods to the child.
4. Correction of educational methods.
5. Feedback to parents.
Main methods of implementation:
• Integrated activities involving creativity, physical activity, communication skills, attention, concentration, orientation in space that engage to explore the environment;
• Constant acquaintance with local culture, history, traditions and customs;
• Daily activities constanty include sightseeing, educational, experimental and artistic activities;
• Kindergarten employs a psychologist who takes care of children's mental health, advices on child development, emotional, behavioral, educational (problems) issues. Evaluates the maturity of the child to learn by early childhood and pre-school education programs.