Important information


We accept children from 1,5 to 6 years of age into our kindergartens;
Please call or email us if you want to arrange a meeting with us at the kindergartens or visit us during the open days (registering is necessary).
During your visit, you will be introduced to our teachers, environment and education programme.
If you decide to choose us, then both parties have to sign all the necessary documents.
Additional documents are as follows:

  • a) Parent's written request (according to the rules);
  • b) Child's health certificate;
  • c) Copy of child's passport or birth certificate;
  • d) Informational questionnaire.


We realize that the first entrance of the young child to the kindergarten and the separation from parents (adaptation) is a very important but also stressful period, much attention is given to the child's adaptation implementation plan, which is based on the immediacy, understanding and continuous cooperation with parents.

We offer an optimistic three -day (three-step) version of adaptation and settlement into this new environment:
• 1 day. The child, accompanied by his mom or dad comes to the first lesson ( activity) at 9.30 and stays together until lunch;
• Day 2. The child, accompanied by his mom or dad comes before breakfast. Before the start of the first lesson a mom or dad says goodbye, promising to return until the nap time.
• Day 3. The child, accompanied by mom or dad comes before breakfast. Parents say goodbye to the child gently but firmly, and leaves the child until the nap time.
For those children who find it more difficult to adapt, we apply individual adaptation methods.


In case of any questions send us an e-mail: